Student Success in Offering Careers Service Online

University of the Western Cape Careers Service Success and Awards

To provide augmented guidance to students and recent alumni on the connection between the classroom experience, career skills, and the job market, the University of the Western Cape (UWC), located in Cape Town, South Africa, has implemented Career Xplora, a comprehensive web-based career services management solution for careers service staff, students, and employers, powered by Symplicity CSM. Over 11,000 students have logged onto the system since the platform’s launch in 2017. More than 6,000 of these users have opt-in to receive weekly job blasts and notifications based on their majors. UWC Careers Service has found that the variety of functions that CSM provides has been key to student employability and engagement.

Nazrana Parker, Career Services Coordinator at UWC, has been leading the customisation and implementation of Career Xplora explains: “I believe in helping our students prepare for the realities of the job search and how to navigate their way in the world beyond campus,” Parker says. “I provide employers with the platform to engage with our students in order to find the talent they need to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century. And I’m proud to be able to play a part in that.” The project has recently earned UWC Careers Service a major SAGEA honour in 2019: the prestigious Best Work Readiness Initiative Award.

The CSM platform, that builds the foundation of UWC’s Career Xplora, enables universities and colleges to measure and report on critical KPIs around student engagement and outcomes, streamline student and employer outreach, and run robust NON - OCR. With an enterprise-scale employability platform, universities can leverage CSM to engage students, employers, staff and administrators in the career-readiness process. At Symplicity, we believe the careers centre provides critical services and fosters lasting connections with students and employers. As a result, CSM has the largest network of students and employers in the space.

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