Webinar Recap: Expanding Your Reach with Curated Jobs

November is National Career Development Month! During the month of November, career development professionals are encouraged to celebrate with career-related activities. Today’s enrollment in higher education is seeing more non-traditional students than ever before. These students are mostly first-generation, non-STEM majors, and students pursuing careers in liberal arts. While they represent a large percentage of the total student population, they have historically not been served by university career services and are less likely to rate their experience positively (Gallup-Purdue Index, 2016). To engage all subsets of student populations, career centers must diversify their services and provide more relevant, entry-level opportunities to students on campus. 

This week, we hosted a webinar with Scott Connolly, the Assistant Director of Technology, Assessment, and Communications from Bryant University. Scott spoke about his experiences with Curated Jobs, a new job feed service that was created exclusively to drive thousands of new jobs from across the United States to Symplicity’s U.S. undergraduate career center clients. The goal of Curated Jobs is to help client schools drive higher levels of student engagement by increasing and diversifying the types of opportunities posted on the CSM job feed. 

Bryant University first launched the Curated Jobs Feed in 2018. Some of the benefits Scott has seen with Curated Jobs is: 

  • Expanded their geographic reach in the US 
  • Increased the variety of relevant opportunities 
  • Enhanced the diversity of employers 
  • Reached a wider student audience 
  • Created employer leads 

Attendees learned more about how Curated Jobs allowed Bryant University to expand the reach of their job board to all majors (including the graduate school through the MBA curated feed). They saw three times the growth in arts and sciences specific opportunities and found that students accessed roughly 25% of the curated jobs external links.  

Interested in viewing the webinar recording? Watch it on-demand here

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