3 New Updates with CSM 9.1

Symplicity CSM is constantly innovating based on the career services needs of our university partners. Check out the latest updates to help provide your student job seekers more opportunities and career preparation tools than ever before.

The CSM 9.1 Release introduces some amazing features designed to simplify workflows and increase administrator efficiency. Our teams have created a new Career Fair Invoice Payment Workflow, built new controls into the Experiential Learning module, and migrated Career Fairs over to our powerful v2 reporting module. Additional enhancements include updated formatting for non-html system messages and job blasts.  These are just a few of the updates we are bringing to you with this release.

1. New Ability for Students to Edit/Add Supervisor information on Approved EL

We've introduced more flexibility withinExperiential Learning Placements. This means managers, faculty, and employers can greenlight the placement, and students can seamlessly add their supervisor when they kick off their EL experience. It's a smoother, more flexible process for everyone involved!

2. Modernized Formatting with University Branding for System Messages

Ensuring your emails look professional is key when communicating with students, employers, and faculty. That's why we're enhancing the email styles available in CSM, starting with non-HTML system messages that are automatically generated. Now, any non-HTML system message will be automatically styled with your university branding in the header, along with elegant font styles and sizes. This improvement enhances the overall look and feel of your messages when received.

But we're not stopping there! We plan to expand this enhancement to HTML system messages and user messages in our upcoming releases. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

3. Streamlined Career Fair Invoice Payer Workflow

With this new functionality, Managers will save hours of time managing career fair payments. The new workflow allows the career fair registrant, or a CSM Administrator to designate someone other than the primary registrant to pay the invoice.  The person assigned to pay the invoice will be given access to log into CSM, and view/pay the invoice, without requiring any changes by the Career Fair Administrator. 

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