Symplicity Advocate Client Advisory Meeting Recap

A couple of weeks ago we hosted the first Symplicity Advocate Client Advisory Meeting at our headquarters in Arlington, VA. We were joined by 10 representatives from our client institutions including Duke University, SUNY Albany, West Virginia University, as well as remote attendees from UC Berkeley and Illinois State University. The event provided our clients the opportunity to network with each other and share their thoughts and ideas with the Advocate Team on ways to enhance the product roadmap.

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The day began with a best-practice roundtable where board members shed light on the strategic initiatives implemented on their respective campuses as a result of the processes created with Advocate. From setting up new conduct policies for busy party weekends to targeting students at risk for academic violations, our board members shared a few of the innovative ways they’ve leveraged their Advocate platform to better manage student conduct. Debra Monk, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Community Standards at the University of Dayton shared how she customized the platform so that it matches her school’s conduct policies.

“One of the features that we’ve utilized a lot is adding in our own field in the hearing and in the incident reports. I’ve added a field for my hearing officers to answers, “Did this [incident] happen during these key campus events?” When [the Dean of Students] asks for a report, it’s a lot easier to run because I can pick that field and all incidents come up!”

Debra Monk,
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Community Standards, University of Dayton

Additionally, board members were able to connect one-on-one with Advocate product leaders to express some of the challenges they were currently facing with the product. Our team learned more personally about the conduct trends impacting their institutions and how we can improve our software to better support their needs.

The event also gave Symplicity the opportunity to speak more in-depth with representatives from Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland to learn how they are preparing to revamp their Advocate system.

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Our first gathering of the Advocate Client Advisory Board provided us and clients with unmatched opportunities to improve the use of our system and share best practices for handling student conduct issues in higher education. On behalf of the entire Symplicity Advocate team, we want to thank our board members for helping us improve our market-leading student conduct solution.

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