NAGCAS 2021: The Changing Face of Career Education

Symplicity was thrilled to attend, and sponsor, this year’s annual NAGCAS conference, the premier conference for higher education employability professionals in Australia. The conference focused on providing support to career services teams on meeting the challenges supporting students in their employability journey, how to collaborate with industry, and how to utilise data to support workforce trends.  

Presenting on these topics, Symplicity’s Senior Director of Client Services Chris Ross was joined by University of Newcastle and Monash University to showcase for attendees how Symplicity has supported these institutions with their skills development initiatives to help their students launch successful careers. Both Monash University and the University of Newcastle have recently partnered with Symplicity to implement the CareerHub Skills Module to support their employability skills programs which help students identify and build the skills desired by future employers. 

The presentation gave some great insights into each university’s employability skills development programshow students can search for opportunitiesclaim and reflect upon these skills, the importance of identifying co-curricular opportunities in a digital world, the end results for students in their skills development journey, and tips and ideas they learned during the development of their programs.  

The Symplicity Skills Development Module helps students understand the career readiness skills desired by employers and discover the extra-curricular activities opportunities available to graduate with these skills. 

Kelly Mann, Program Coordinator at Monash University, shared with attendees that Monash’s Student Futures initiative, which is their online employability skills platformand Renee Smith, Curriculum and Careers Manager at the University of Newcastlespoke about the recent launch of their Career Connect program, where all University of Newcastle students will participate in a program during their study to build key skills.  

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