NAGCAS Brings Australia and New Zealand Higher Ed Leaders Together

Earlier this month, Symplicity’s Australia and New Zealand team sponsored and participated in the annual National Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (NAGCAS) conference. This year’s conference focused on the importance of soft skills, how students can find work in in a post COVID-19 world, and how universities can best prepare students for the workforce Symplicity’s Mark Pink and Chris Ross presented on the technology behind delivering a unified student experience and how Symplicity’s software can help to engage students throughout their university lifecycle from the time they enter the campus to the time they are looking for a job and graduating.  

Here are some highlights from the conference: 

  • Soft skills will continue to be an important factor in job requirements for graduates such as career adaptability, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork; 
  • Throughout the event, there was an emphasis on the importance of online communication to students; 
  • COVID-19 has changed the way we work, and those changes will continue on in a post-COVID world and it is essential to prepare students for an ever-changing world of work; 
  • How can you continue to support student’s wellbeing during and after lockdown and isolation; 
  • Strategies for employer engagement with the pivot this year from move from in person events to online events, such as industry events like NAGCAS or the AAGE. Additionally, to engage students and employers set up virtual mock interviews, virtual career fair platforms, and flexible drop-in office hours to connect with students. 

Symplicity UniHub is designed to support an institution-wide approach to skills development. UniHub connects students to university opportunities which translates into desirable skills that today’s employers desire. UniHub adoption is critical for creating a unified campus experience. By providing a collaborative environment between teams and departments across the institution, students benefit from a single engagement marketplace resulting in a full view of all student interactions at a university level. 

For those interested in learning more about UniHub, schedule a conversation with us or email 

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