Recruit Introduces Analytics

We end the first quarter with lots of exciting changes to our platform. But the most exciting product release on Symplicity Recruit is the Analytics module.  

Our Goal 

As an employer, connecting with schools that have high student engagement is fundamental to effective recruiting results. Our goal is to deliver insights that can help you make data-driven decisions and improve operational outcomes. Some of the benefits we hope you get from this new feature are an increase in the quality of hires, improving your budget distribution, and vitalizing your productivity.  

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Top Connected Schools 

The Connected Schools dashboard aims to give you a quick glance at which of your schools are worth investing more resources in and which ones are not. By calculating Engagement Scores of schools based on various data points such as students’ responses to job postings and interviews, you can then determine which schools are producing the highest ROI.  What’s more, you can export all the data to Excel or CSV for easy viewing. 

Recommended Schools 

In our pursuit to make the recruiting process easier for you, we included a School Recommendation feature. No more guessing. This feature will help you make informed decisions about which schools to interact with during your search for the right candidate. With a simple 1-click request, you can connect with schools close to your location where student engagement is high.

What’s Next? 

Later this year, we will be introducing a Sourcing Dashboard. On top of the current Top Schools Dashboard, the Sourcing Dashboard will allow Premium subscribers to view the performance data of their job postings and interactions with students through Recruit. This feature is set to debut in the second half of 2022.  

Premium Access 

The Analytics module is currently available for all Premium subscribers. For more information on Premium memberships, contact us to learn more. 

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