Recruit Introduces Recommended Candidates

We start the last quarter of the year with an exciting release. Recruiting season is here and so are Recommended Candidates, our newest Recruit feature. 

What Is it?

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the recruiting process is screening resumes and databases for the perfect candidate. While Recruit offers different tools to alleviate some of the most common challenges, with Recommended Candidates employers can now focus more on engaging and not on shortlisting applicants. 

Recommended Candidates uses AI technology and machine learning to automate candidate screening so that you don’t have to. Within minutes of posting a job, you’ll get a list of best-fit talent that you can invite to apply to the opportunities available. 

Recommended Candidates screenshot

Key Features

  • Rank-Ordered Candidate List View
    Get a list of best-fit candidates based on match percentage. Our platform calculates this based on different criteria including the student’s recent activity on Recruit and the type of job you’re looking to fill.
  • Fast-Flip Navigation
    Not only will you be saving time by getting a list of best-fit matches within minutes after posting. You’ll also have the option to quickly review the candidate’s resume and select candidates of interest for bulk action before moving forward in the hiring process.
  • Personalized Invitations and Messages
    Once you have a set of candidates you want to encourage to apply, you can send them invitations for the openings available. You also have the option of sending a personalized message to the candidate along with the invitation. This will help you build engagement and form a more personal connection.
  • Track Your Invites
    With Recommended Candidates you’ll have the ability to see where your candidates are in their application process. Not only will you be able to see the candidates that you personally invited to apply, but also track when they apply to the job promoted. 

Benefits of Recommended Candidates

Our hope is that employers can expedite the process of recruiting with our newest feature and be able to focus their efforts on engaging, interviewing, and hiring active qualified candidates. There are also some bonus benefits:


  1. Save time. By automating the screening aspect of recruiting, you’ll be able to connect with career-minded candidates much faster and focus on the hiring process itself instead of spending hours sourcing through resumes.
  2. Increase engagement. Because Recommended Candidates gives you the option to personalize messages to candidates, it helps you build a stronger connection from the beginning and strengthen your engagement strategy.
  3. Faster ROI. The faster candidates can enter your pipeline, the better your ROI on Recruit job postings. 


Recommended Candidates is available to anyone who posts a job. See it in action by logging in to Recruit or contact us for a demo


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