Symplicity Spotlight: Tiffany Lyle

Each and every day, our client managers across the globe help make our clients' day-to-day just a little bit easier so that they can better support their students. With a client support team that comes from across the student success spectrum, clients continuously speak to the dedication of our client support team, and we at Symplicity want to give them the attention they deserve. In our series, Symplicity Spotlight, we’re pulling back the curtain on our client support team.

In our latest installment, we chat with long-time Symplicity member Tiffany Lyle. For over 15 year, Tiffany has supporting Symplicity CSM clients clients across the U.S.. Tiffany is beloved by both clients and Symplicity staff for her kindness and patience with clients to help them problem solve. 

Before you joined Symplicity what was your role in higher ed/previous role and what topics are you most passionate about?
I was a Recruitment Support Specialist at the McCombs School of Business for 8 years.

What got you interested in higher education and career services?
Before higher ed, I was a technical recruiter. I joined UT to work on the side of the student to help provide meaningful opportunities for them.

What made you join Symplicity and look into EdTech?
At UT McCombs we were using Symplicity the last 4 years that I was there. I became the SME on Symplicity and it seemed to be a natural fit to move to Symplicity.

How does your previous work in higher ed help you support clients?
I understand the process and the demands Career Centers face as well as the recruiters experience in sourcing candidates.

In your view, what are some of the biggest changes student success roles in higher ed in the last five years?
The expansion of Work Based Learning, Internships and Service Learning as a requirement for graduation. I believe this better prepares them for their post-graduation careers in a truly meaningful way.

What’s the biggest pain points for clients and professionals in higher education, career services, and/or student success?
Getting students to become engaged with a career services office, has always been a struggle. The system now has so many features to encourage students: alerts, text messages, engagement emails to name a few.

Tell us a story of a client’s struggle that you helped them solve with CSM?
My favorite interactions with clients is when I can help them use a module to its fullest extent or showing them that the system does a function that will make their work life easier. Whether that’s with counseling, events or OCR (On-Campus Recruiting) helping a client best utilize the system makes my day.

What’s your favorite feature within CSM and why?
Ok now don’t laugh, I love OCR (On-Campus Recruiting). It’s the module I worked the most in at university and there’s nothing in OCR that I haven’t seen, tried, taught or used. Plus, I don't think people use the campaign manager enough 

What's a feature you think people don't use enough? 
Campaign Manager allows a career office to organize campaigns to targeted students and contacts. From tracking interest level, having triggered emails and email analytics campaigns can help drive engagement of students and contacts.

What is one thing you would tell someone considering either CSM?
[CSM] does EVERYTHING! You can track everything a student does in the system: applying to jobs, counseling appointments, experiential learning, career outcomes, attending events (information sessions, workshops and career fairs), and credentialing. You can easily view aspects of the system as a student, contact and a faculty member would see it. We also have numerous virtual options for interviewing, career fairs and counseling.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? Tell us a little about yourself!
Outside of work I love to read, write and do crafting projects (cross-stitching and painting). My favorite times are spent with my family: husband, my kids and their spouses and the most important, beautiful, awesome grandkids (Oliver, Adeline and Asher). My boxer, Willow, is the best dog ever!

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