Symplicity Visits Chile: The Importance of Improving Educational Tools in Latin America

There are more than one million students enrolled in higher education in Chile, according to the report of the Ministry of Education 2021. Many enroll in higher education institutions to have prepare for a career and have higher earning potential. Yet, how much security does higher institutions give for job placement in Chile?

Institutional accreditation has been mandatory in Chile for more than a year, yet of the 178 institutions required to enforce this only 64.3% are doing so, according to CNA. This is an important requirement, since it ensures quality education and better results for labor insertion. According to the historical record of the Monthly Index of Economic Activity reported by the Central Bank, the Chilean economy grew by 12% in 2021, having a bilateral correlation with employment growth, improves practice in the productive market. A relatively positive situation for the next graduates in the year. However, the connection with the employability departments of the institutions ends up being an entity that only coordinates the internships of future graduates, reducing the little potential of the system to provide better opportunities to the institution and its students.

To underscore the value of institutional engagement and career readiness skills, Symplicity recently visited Chile to meet with institutional directors in the region to discuss the importance of employability and the role institutions have to prepare students beyond the degree with campus partners like Symplicity.

Speaking to institutional leaders in Chile, Symplicity Regional Vice President Juan Pablo Delacroix said:

"In many universities in Chile and in much of the world, what is known as job boards have been used. At Symplicity we have a different view of this strategy.
That strategy consists of helping the student throughout the training process, in order to participate in workshops and professional practices guided by joint activities of higher institutions, employers, and with students. We help the digital transformation from the process of employability of universities, generating an ecosystem more efficiently and with better tools. For this reason, I invite all universities and higher education institutions to join this type of project in order to improve the link between students, employers and graduates."

How Symplicity Is Supporting Chilean Institutions

Due to the great changes brought on by the current health crisis, Symplicity is helping institutions with its partner CognosOnline to expand its Latin American operations, with the focus of improving the employability strategy integrated into educational institutions.

Most recently, Viña del Mar University became the first institution in the Chile to adopted Symplicity CSM to support the needs of the next graduates with a better chances of employment and job success, career readiness skills, robust reporting tools, virtual career fairs, and more, to support the career readiness goals of the institution.

Symplicity continues to expand its reach in Latin America and is the leading professional service management tool in the region. Symplicity’s SaaS solution enables higher education staff to get the maximum efficiency and control in the management of professional services by connecting all staff to a central database. On the student side, CSM offers invaluable professional resources and access to a network of over 400,000 active employers.

Our CSM platform enables schools to measure and report on critical KPIs and run robust OCR and Experiential Learning programs. It also facilitates the realization of mock job interviews, generates curriculum vitae and cover letters, and more to help prepare students before applying for that first job or internship.

To learn more about how Symplicity CSM can support your institution in Latin America learn more here or e-mail us at

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