Webinar Recap: Utilising CareerHub’s Talent Module with Macquarie University and Griffith University

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions faced many challenges in preparing job ready students for the work force. To shed light on how institutions can use CareerHub’s Talent Module at their institutions, Symplicity conveyed Macquarie University and Griffith University together in a recent webinar to share their insights. Webinar panelists included Kylie Ebert, Director of Employability and Graduate Success at Macquarie University and Troy Dobinson, Manager of Careers and Employment at Griffith University, both of whom were keen to share how the Talent Module has enhanced their campus-wide approaches to bridging the gap between careers and employer engagement teams. In case you missed it, here are some highlights.

Streamlined Services to Hiring

So why the Talent Module? Both institutions have been using CareerHub for many years, but wanted to implement the Talent Module for similar reasons. Both institutions at the time were looking to leverage their existing technology to reduce complexity and minimise systems and were looking for a product that could track and manage the process from end-to-end and better serve the needs of the students and employers. For those reasons, CareerHub’s Talent Module was the natural fit.

“How can we build a solution off of an existing product? It's critical that we don't have a separate spreadsheet or a separate database or another area to look for all our information. All the information is already in CareerHub, with our workflows, work groups and appointments, everything is in there already,” said Dobinson. The same was true at Macquarie and now the university can “bring it all together in CareerHub,” as Ebert told our webinar attendees. “This will benefit us with a consistent student user experience. And secondly, that data and oversight, so if a student is unsuccessful in several application processes, you can also see what they're doing in CareerHub, with workshops and activities, and provide those recommendations and referrals, particularly for the student employment team.”

Utilising Keyword Searches

The ability of the Talent Module to perform keyword searches, as well as the end-to-end applicant tracking enables Macquarie and Griffith to gain insights into the employment journey like never before. The keyword search is important to skills-based identification and headhunting, generating a quality pool of talent to create value for employers directly from the university. Additionally, the end-to-end tracking is important for both institutions employer teams to intervene when they notice a student having trouble at a certain point during the application process, enabling the team to proactively provide feedback on how to improve. 

“We will be using Talent to position ourselves as providing a lot of value to the employers in the development of their talent pipeline and giving them some real metrics around the awareness of their brand,” said Ebert.

Efficient Operations

One of the key advantages of adopting the Talent Module is the speed at which now Macquarie and Griffith can operate when responding to employers and placing quality candidates more quickly. Before utilising the Talent Module, it was difficult for university staff to search across student CVs or profiles to quickly identify students which would be suitable for a particular role. They also lacked visibility of a students’ job application progress and couldn’t easily track a student’s journey from early application stage to an interview or job offer.

“Now I'm able to say as part of the Talent Module, I have suitable candidates right now that I can send you,” said Dobinson. “I can hear the employers’ requirements, I can get a business brief for a position description from the employer, and using CareerHub’s Talent Module and our label search, or the keyword search, I can also say here are five other resumes that might meet an [employer’s] requirements,” said Dobinson.

The Talent Module, from Symplicity, provides a strong framework for Macquarie University and Griffith University to respond to industry trends and place candidates in roles quickly, while improving graduate outcomes for students.

Want to find out more about the Talent Module and view the webinar recording? Interested in viewing the webinar recording? E-mail Daile Smith at dsmith@sympicity.com with the subject line “Talent Module Webinar Recording.”

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