Webinar Recap: Supporting Student Disability Services

It’s the start of a new year and improvements to accessibility student services remains a hot topic for UK universities in 2020. In the 2017/18 academic year, it was reported that 94,000 students enrolled at a university in the UK and declared having a disability—a 40% increase since the academic year 2013/14, according to the Institute for Employment Studies. While the rise in disabled student number is a positive one, this also means that the university’s responsibilities to empower their students and provide them with the tools they need is that much greater.

Last month, Symplicity hosted the first webinar in the “Engage with Impact” series. The webinar took a closer look at Symplicity Access—a trusted solution that has been developed in collaboration with student accessibility teams and empowers them to provide the best possible service to their students. Included in the webinar was a live demo of the solution and understanding the impact of providing a disability services solution from three different perspectives.




We recently surveyed our Access clients and here are the top three benefits they are seeing since using the platform:

  • Support teams have been able to process requests five times faster
  • Student engagement has increased by 65%
  • Reporting is now 90% faster than before using the system


“Having the ease of information is the most valuable thing. It's really easy to look at a student profile and see what their latest interactions were in a consolidated space.”

Pepperdine University


Interested in learning more about Access? Schedule a conversation with us or view the webinar recording here.

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