Symplicity Recruit Introduces the Talent Engagement Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest product enhancement, the Talent Engagement dashboard! University recruiting teams will have access to more insights than ever before, empowering them to make the best data-driven recruiting decisions.

What is it?

The Talent Engagement dashboard is our latest addition to the Analytics module, which also includes our Candidate Pipeline, Connected Schools, and Sourcing dashboards. Early talent recruiters will be able to see at a glance how successful they are in engaging students across different recruiting initiatives. Not only will they be able to measure student engagement, but they will also be able to break down the engagement by different segments to understand who is engaging the most with them. 

Within the dashboard, recruiters can quickly answer questions such as: 

  1. Which majors and underrepresented groups are engaging the most with us? 
  2. How many students are viewing and clicking on our job posts? 
  3. How many students are attending the in-person career fairs? Which groups of students have the highest attendance? 

Main Features

  1. Data visualizations of students engaging with the company by major, school, skills, and more
  2. Engagement data for brand marketing, job postings, direct messaging, career fairs, and information sessions
  3. Real-time data processing to ensure the most up-to-date data 
  4. Team level and individual team member views of the data

The Talent Engagement dashboard is available to all premium Recruit subscribers. See it in action by logging in to Recruit or contact us for a demo

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