Symplicity Recruit Introduces Advanced Student Targeting

Along with a new school year, this third quarter brings a new release to all Symplicity Recruit premium clients. Here’s everything you need to know about Symplicity Recruit 8.7. 

Advanced Student Targeting

Our newest feature makes it easier for employers and recruiters to find early talent with skills that fall outside of traditional hiring metrics. Employers will be able to surface talent based on work experience, skills, and self-reported demographic data, making it easier to take a skills-based approach while still meeting hiring needs. 

Key Features

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Our 2023 student survey, found that Gen Zers entering the workforce sometimes have a hard time meeting qualifications for entry-level roles. To address this concern, Symplicity Recruit's latest update aims to help employers extend their reach to candidates beyond their academic credentials, encouraging employers to consider candidates with transferable skills and competencies. This feature makes it easier to find students whose experience in internships or participation in student organizations helps reduce biases in the recruiting process. 

Enhanced Filters for Global Search, Applicants, and Recommended Candidates

All Symplicity Recruit premium subscribers will now have access to additional filters when conducting searches through Global Search. Chief among these will be their ability to filter candidates based on their work/internship experience, skills, and student-reported data. Additionally, employers will be able to see whether or not students have participated in clubs/organizations pertaining to their field of study. 

Benefits of Advanced Student Targeting

  1. Gen Z continues to prove its commitment to diversity by seeking out employers that can show them they are not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. By extending their reach to students who fall outside of the traditional candidate mold, employers are reducing bias, increasing diversity, and improving employee retention

  2. By employers actively offering greater access to relevant opportunities to students, better connections are formed and help build a more dynamic and productive environment.

  3. Employers and recruiters get a chance to improve their targeting in the early talent space and focus on the quality of the hire, while also decreasing the time to hire. 

All new filters featured in our Advanced Student Targeting release are reserved for premium subscribers. See it in action by logging in to Recruit or contact us for a demo


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