Canterbury Christ Church University partners with Symplicity Advocate to elevate student case handling, safety and wellbeing

Symplicity® Advocate™, renowned worldwide for student case management with over 300 universities in its network, warmly welcomes Canterbury Christ Church University aboard. Symplicity will collaborate with the University to implement a 360-degree view of student cases and student support to enhance its university-wide approach to addressing concerns and supporting student wellbeing.

With a diverse population of over 26,000 students, across Kent and Medway and around the UK, Canterbury Christ Church’s mission is not only to pursue excellence in higher education, but they also value “the development of the whole person, respecting, and nurturing the inherent dignity and potential of each individual.” This shared mission and value is the bedrock of this partnership between Symplicity and the University. 

Based in the United Kingdom, Canterbury Christ Church will utilise Symplicity Advocate in two distinct areas: wellbeing and case handling. For wellbeing, Symplicity Advocate will enable a streamlined approach for staff across the university to log support issues, raise concerns, or register temporary learning plans, ensuring a co-ordinated approach to student wellbeing and mental health support.

The University is also leading the way in ensuring that the end-to-end process for handling student cases is managed through a case management system including incidents of harassment and sexual misconduct. While mandatory sector-level reporting by institutions is not yet required in the UK, Canterbury Christ Church is taking a proactive approach to ensure students are protected and heard through identifying and reporting trends to inform focus on areas where student experience could be enhanced. Symplicity Advocate will be the University’s main case management tool for Student Conduct including harassment and sexual misconduct cases, along with academic misconduct (such as plagiarism or cheating), academic appeals, and student complaints.

“Canterbury Christ Church University’s adoption of Symplicity Advocate makes it a leader in higher education for taking concrete steps to ensure students are heard and supported,” said Thomas Jepsen, President of International at Symplicity. “With robust reporting and analytics, the University will be able to identify trends in its student population in order to respond quickly and ensure there is a procedure in place so that all are held accountable.”

“We are continually thinking of innovative and effective ways to build trust with our students. Symplicity Advocate will enable us to ensure that students know that their concerns and safety are addressed swiftly and there is an end-to-end process in place to make the experience for students, regardless of the Procedure they engage with as seamless and transparent as possible,” said Dr. Dionne Spencer, Director of Student Resolution and Student Protection at Canterbury Christ Church University.

“With the next academic year about to start, and the inevitable pressures that brings for returning and new students, our community at Canterbury Christ Church can be assured that they will get the support they need during this critical time in their lives,” said Dr. Meyer. “We are delighted to be part of the Symplicity Advocate network as we further enhance the wraparound support our students receive from the moment they join our community.”

This collaboration between Symplicity and Canterbury Christ Church signifies a shared commitment to empowering students and fostering a supportive environment for their academic journey. Together, they are pioneering a transformative approach to student support, reflecting the core values of both organisations and redefining the future of higher education.

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