Symplicity Recruit (formerly OneStop) for Employers: Interactive Corner

Where Would You Like to Meet the Symplicity Recruit Team? 

Most recently, the Symplicity Symplicity Recruit team attended the ERE Expo in Hollywood Beach, Florida, where we introduced university recruiters to our integrated college recruiting portal, Symplicity Recruit, and our Applicant Tracking System, HiRE. If we missed you at ERE, we’d love to meet you at a future conference! Which conferences are you attending this year that you think we should attend as well?

Did You Know?  

Did you know that there are multiple Symplicity Recruit sites, each with a unique set of defaults and fields? This means that you are able to select MBA-specific class levels through the MBA Symplicity Recruit and undergraduate class levels through Symplicity Recruit. You can use your Symplicity Recruit username and password to access any of these:

• MBA Symplicity Recruit:

• Public Policy Symplicity Recruit:

• Arts Symplicity Recruit:

• Global Symplicity Recruit:

Your Turn

Let us know what you’d like to see in upcoming issues of the Symplicity Recruit newsletter and on our blog, or if you wish to be interviewed for the Recruiter’s Corner. We’d love to hear from you!

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