Lancaster University elevates student counselling and mental health services with Symplicity Advocate

Symplicity ® Advocate™ renowned worldwide for student case management with over 300 universities in its network, is thrilled to welcome Lancaster University as a new partner in the United Kingdom.

Lancaster University, with over 13,000 students based in the UK, was looking for a system that could streamline their wellbeing team’s service and provide students with an intuitive online place to go to request and receive support.

Using a range of industry recognised clinical outcome measures integrated within its platform, the Symplicity Advocate solution will help the university flag students based on risk level, facilitate self-referrals, streamline the assignment of dedicated therapists, and enhance cross-university case management. Symplicity is working with Lancaster University and other institutions to build this new functionality into Advocate at a time when readily available mental health data is crucial for addressing institutional needs and broader sectoral shifts.

Symplicity Advocate will be the first product in the UK to incorporate a fit-for-purpose mental health component that sits within a wider case management system. This will provide universities with the ability to integrate mental health data with other sources of information while delivering the specific functionality needed for day-to-day clinical tasks and maintaining appropriate data security and confidentiality. Lancaster University will be leveraging these newly developed features to assess the level of support a student needs and ensure full accountability during the process of triage through to assessment and eventual service delivery.

“Lancaster University offers a wide range of wellbeing services to enable our students to achieve their full potential. With growing numbers of students needing support the new Symplicity Advocate system will ensure we continue to maintain the highest levels of service and provide students with the right intervention at the right time in the most efficient and compassionate manner," said Dr. Sarah Sweeney, Head of Student Support and Wellbeing at Lancaster University. “Ensuring our students feel cared for, safe and confident during their time at Lancaster is a top priority for us and Symplicity Advocate gives our incredibly skilled and passionate professional services teams the right tools to effectively support any individual who is facing a challenge while studying with us, no matter how big or small.”

“We’re excited that Lancaster University has chosen to join Symplicity’s growing UK client base who are all delivering a smarter and more joined up approach to their cross-institutional student mental health and wellbeing strategies,” said Thomas Jepsen, President of International at Symplicity. “The last 12 months has seen us welcome over 10 UK universities and the amount of innovation we are seeing is tremendous. Not only are we privileged to be working with exceptional institutions such as Lancaster, but we’re delighted that their insight allows us to ensure that we’re ahead of the curve when designing solutions for higher education wellbeing teams."

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