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Colleges and universities around the world have adjusted their approach to providing a unified campus experience in this new world of managing student affairs virtually. While every institution has a different approach to addressing the COVID-19 challenges, student success remains at the center of the conversation across all institutions. That's why Symplicity, the global leader in student employability and university success, is elated to announce its first all-in-one student services integration offering to higher education institutions everywhere with Symplicity One.

Designed to support an institution-wide approach to student success, Symplicity One breaks down the departmental silos that are often the barriers to offering a fully holistic student experience. Symplicity One brings together Symplicity’s standout products for career services, student conduct, and disability services offices that have supported student services for more than 20 years—and other technology providers in business intelligence (BI), student information systems (SIS,) and analytics—all under one integrated platform. 

Symplicity recently surveyed 500+ higher education administrators and found that there was a drastic change in student engagement, data trends, and cross-departmental collaboration when students were sent home and campuses were closed. The full Student Success Report can be found here but some key takeaways include:

  • 80% of higher education administrators saw an increase in collaboration between their department and an outside department in the past 12 months
  • 77% of higher education institutions experienced an increase in student engagement in the past 12 months
  • 66% of higher education administrators found that the lack of actionable data and limited technology were the greatest challenges their institution faced when it came to ensuring student success

Map Every Step of the Student Journey:


Some of the benefits of Symplicity One include the ability to:

  • Increase student engagement
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve retention
  • Streamline system-wide opportunities
“Symplicity One empowers universities to map every step of the student journey, from the day they step foot on campus to the day they graduate. We are proud to enable our clients to seamlessly communicate across departments, build strategic programming developed from real-time data, proactively address student concerns, and create strategic long-term goals as higher education continues to navigate a post-COVID world.”

Matthew Small
President & CEO of Symplicity Corporation


Interested in learning more about Symplicity One? Read the latest press release!

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