Symplicity Advocate empowers University for the Creative Arts to provide a new approach to case management

Trusted by over 300 universities globally for its case management solution, Symplicity® Advocate™ expands its UK footprint with the renowned University for the Creative Arts (UCA). Home to 6,000 creative minds and with over 100 diverse courses, UCA is a leading UK institution for those passionate about the arts.

In 2023, UCA sought to overcome fragmented and manual-based systems and by implementing a holistic, multi-team approach to student success. Recognising Symplicity Advocate's ability to streamline workflows, reduce manual effort, and seamlessly integrate across departments, UCA found the perfect solution to break down barriers to support and empower staff with comprehensive case management.

Symplicity Advocate's solution will seamlessly integrate across mental health and wellbeing, student support, money advice, conduct and complaints, and personal tutoring, ensuring every student receives personalised information. This move exemplifies UCA's commitment to fostering a more robust and supportive environment for its students.

UCA is building a safer, more supportive campus for all. With Symplicity Advocate, students facing wellbeing and safety challenges will receive the timely and compassionate support they deserve.

“UCA is transforming its approach to student case management with Symplicity Advocate,” said Alice McLaren, Director of Student Services at UCA. “In updating our case management system across our university, UCA is ensuring that we can remain responsive to the evolving needs of our students. With a holistic approach to student wellbeing and standout data protection, Symplicity Advocate was the right choice for us.”

“Symplicity welcomes UCA as a true university partner in addressing rising student mental health and wellbeing concerns,” said Thomas Jepsen, President of International at Symplicity. “UCA partnering with Symplicity showcases that no matter the size or speciality of an institution, a robust case management system is necessary to the success of institutions across Europe and the UK.”

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