Symplicity Spotlight: Nicholas Standage

Each and every day, our client managers and implementation managers across the globe help make our clients' day-to-day just a little bit easier so that they can better support their students. With a client support team that comes from across the student success spectrum, clients continuously speak to the dedication of our client support team, and at Symplicity want to give them the attention they deserve.

In our series, Symplicity Spotlight, we’re pulling back the curtain on our client support team.

In our latest installment, we are getting to know Nicholas "Nico" Standage! Nicholas joined Symplicity as an experienced higher education practitioner in career services, dedicated to supporting the future of society. Learn more about Nicholas' approach to career services support and favorite Symplicity CSM features below!

Before you joined Symplicity, what was your role in higher ed and what topics are you most passionate about?
Before joining Symplicity I was an Associate Director at ESADE Business School in Barcelona Spain. There, I dealt with data analytics, rankings participation and career services solutions for optimizing student and employer engagement.

What got you interested in higher education?
I believe that whatever the challenge is, education is the answer. The role of Higher Education institutions is now more important than ever, it defines student employability, it improves their confidence and communication skills, and it develops critical thinking and networking. Universities around the world are planting the seeds for society in the future. This is a key motivator for me when I support Higher Ed Institutions.

What made you join Symplicity and look into EdTech?
I joined Symplicity because of the global impact the company has in employability and student wellbeing. Symplicity truly has the most adaptable and innovative offering when it comes to supporting Higher Ed institutions.

How does your previous work in higher ed help you support clients?
I bring direct experience from a CSM client perspective – I have used multiple features of CSM to increase student engagement with the university team, employer engagement with the university and improve data driven decision making. This experience enables me to better support clients to help them customize their systems and utilize features to make their jobs easier. 

In your view, what are some of the biggest changes student success roles in higher ed in the last five years?
There is a growing need for on demand career services versus the previous one size fits all type approach, the importance of an adapted and personalised support and user experience to students and the rise of AI with regards to student expectations and employer expectations for finding jobs. Some of the challenges students face in Europe include job market uncertainty, access to resources and high academic expectations in very competitive job environments.

Tell us a story of a client’s struggle that you helped them solve with Accommodate?
During the COVID 19 pandemic, universities struggled with student and employer engagement. They required immediate support to maintain students engaged and employers connected to their institutions. I supported more than 20 institutions in Europe and LAC to successfully run virtual career fairs.

What’s your favourite feature within CSM and why?
My favourite feature within CSM is the native student mobile app. The design is clean, simple and to the point. There are so many features now on it that allow students to engage with universities in more ways than before. The QR code event check in for example, is super easy to use and students always have their phones with them, this leaves no room for excuses for not tracking student presence at on campus events and career fairs.

What is one thing you would tell someone considering CSM?
CSM is the most configurable and powerful in terms of features student employability platform out there. There may be some providers that go into more depth with regards to one functionality, however none that centralize so many in one place. The operational efficiencies this brings are invaluable.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? Tell us a little about yourself!
I like to do HIIT workouts, yoga, learning new languages and anything to do with the sea. I grew up on an island therefore a beach has always been my playground.


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