Symplicity welcomes back NZUni Talent as a partner

Symplicity® Corporation, the global leader in student employability, wellness, and success, welcomes back New Zealand Uni Talent, the network of all eight New Zealand Universities, and looks forward to supporting and collaborating with them once again in providing opportunities for students to engage with employers.

With Symplicity’s suite of products including CareerHub Central™, CareerHub™, CSM™, and more, the eight universities can ensure students are receiving targeted career readiness opportunities. NZUni Talent, the university's job board hosted on Career Hub Central™, will be the cornerstone, allowing the management of jobs and opportunities listed by employers. Symplicity's products will also allow career teams at each university to manage events and student appointments all within the same platform.

The biggest draw for NZUni Talent to come back to Symplicity however, is the data and analytics component, paired with Symplicity’s strong reporting capabilities.

"We are really excited to engage Symplicity again as our job board provider. It was very clear to us there had been significant investment in the functionality of the platform, particularly the reporting which is key to us” said Anna Williams, Director, Employability and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology. “Symplicity's continued focus on the tertiary sector and their proactive customer service make them a natural fit.”

“We are delighted to welcome back NZUni Talent to Symplicity to manage all career readiness experiences for its students across eight universities in New Zealand,” said Symplicity’s Regional Director of Sales Mark Pink. “This marks an exciting expansion for Symplicity in the region, ensuring all students have the opportunity to be successful post-graduation.”

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